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Hello, I'm Lina Marcinonė, I create visuals with a personality for business messages to be noticed, remembered, and easy to fall in love with :)


About me

The boring one: I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign programs, and can draw by hand as well. My full resume is here 

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The one about me as a person: Well, I'm happy and optimistic, creative and a bit creatively messy :) I'm a mother of two amazing girls and live with them and my husband in Vilnius old town. Love traveling, meeting people, going to various cultural events (ye right, with children through pandemia times :)) and some time making handicrafts, such as here 

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The one with unnecessary facts about me which could look weird or not: I love how cities smell and sound even more than nature. Still struggling at counting by the multiplication table. Hate constant routines, but using the same perfume for ages and don't want to change. Everyone who meets me remembers my laugh, but luckily the reason for it isn't the same as remembering Janice's laugh in "Friends" :D 



Love creating vivid and snappy designs and illustrations and really believe that ads, packages, and editorial illustrations based on meaningful concepts are more valuable than just aesthetically pleasing ones.  Are we on the way?

Get in Touch

Tel: +370 676 220 67

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My creativity workouts:

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