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Hello, I'm Lina Marcinonė. I create bold and witty visuals to capture the hearts of your audience :)


About me

The boring one: I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I specialize in Adobe software (Ps, Ai, Id) and can draw by hand. My complete resume is attached here.

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The one about me as a person: Well, I'm happy and optimistic, creative and a bit creatively messy :) I'm a mother of two fabulous girls and a wife of a wonderful husband, and we all live in the charming old town. (Sounds like a fairy tale :D)

I love travelling, meeting people, attending various cultural events and sometimes making handicrafts, such as here. 

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The one with unnecessary facts about me which could look weird or not: I love how cities smell and sound even more than nature. Still having trouble with counting using the multiplication table. Hate constant routines, but using the same perfume for ages and want to keep it the same. People tend to remember my laugh, but thankfully it's not as distinct as Janice's laugh from "Friends" :D 



I love vivid and snappy illustrations and designs based on meaningful concepts because it engages and persuades. Are we on the way?  

Get in Touch

Tel: +370 676 220 67

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My creativity workouts:

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