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Additional labels for the Green Monster brewery

More flavors, please!

I really enjoy getting new label projects from Green Monster Brewery as they all need creativity and fun. So I'll share here all the new labels for the fresh monster's beer sorts.

Client / 

Green Monster Brewery

Role / 

illustration, design

Awards / 

shortlisted for WIA2023


Year / 


1. Morello & Guanabana (Tarte Ales)


Thanks to the craft beer movement, sour-style beer recovered from the brink of extinction to become a global phenomenon.


So as all beer drinkers still are growing sweet on sour beers, Green Monster made two tart ales, one with sour Morello cherries and another with the tropical fruit, which is called in plenty names: Guanabana, or Soursop, or Graviola...

2. Boogie (American Pale Ale)


Yes, they manufactured a beer for skydivers, and yes, they love drinking craft beer as well (after all their stunts I hope :D) This is classic west coast style American Pale Ale. Pale, hoppy, and extremely well-balanced beer.


And if most of us know the famous monster boogie from a potato sack full of beetles and worms, as well as boogie-woogie dance, not so many, know that skydiving festivals are also called Boogie.

Thanks for your attention :)


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