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Conceptual advertisement for "Super namai" magazine

CSD is one of the Top 100 engineering consulting companies in Europe with a network of 30 offices in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Lithuania. And the Lithuanian branch was my client who needed to create an advertising layout for a paper magazine covering construction and home furnishing topics.

After talking with the clients, it became clear that firstly they need not new clients, but employees and specifically engineers, and even better with an IT bent, and secondly, the readers of the magazine are not necessarily those engineers, i.e. they aren't the right target audience. So we needed a design that would attract the attention of the general public and convey the message that it is good and interesting to work at the CSD company, that their employees are not only professional, efficient, and work well in a team, but also dedicated and hearty people.

The most enjoyable part of this process was the fact that the employees really feel very well in this company, they have the freedom to control their work time, feel support from the team and a family atmosphere, they get good opportunities for professional development and interesting projects. The client not only told about it but also shared the data on the social climate survey, which reveals what the employees themselves think about the institution and so. All this inspired me to create several ideas, one of which I'm sharing here after fully implemented. And the others will likely be a part of other future projects with CSD Engineers.

Client / 

CSD Engineers Vilnius


Role / 

Idea, illustration, copy and design

Year / 


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