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Branded sweatshirts for CSD Engineer employees
and ad illustration for a magazine

It may seem like I've merged two unrelated projects, but that's not entirely true. The reason for this is that my clients were so impressed with an idea and illustration I developed for one project that they requested it be used in a completely different way for another project. So, let's start from the beginning...

Client / 

CSD Engineers Vilnius


Role / 

Idea, illustration, texts and design

Year / 


The first brief was to create an advertising layout for a paper magazine covering construction and home furnishing topics. 

During our conversation with the clients, it became evident that in the Lithuanian branch (CSD Engineers has 30 offices network in Europe), the priority was to find new employees, particularly engineers with IT backgrounds. Additionally, we discovered that the magazine's readers were not the ideal target audience. Hence we decided to go with a straightforward message that CSD is a great place to work in. 

And the most enjoyable part for me is that it's true. According to the social climate survey conducted within the company, the CSD employees feel very well. They are free to manage their work schedule, receive encouragement from their colleagues, and experience a warm and familial environment. They also receive excellent opportunities to grow professionally and participate in thrilling projects. 

This inspired me to create a concept comparing the company's workflow to a human heart and circulatory system.

As mentioned, the clients were impressed with my idea and the outcome. They have now requested that I find a way to incorporate it into branded sweatshirts they planned to make as Christmas gifts for their staff.

This was challenging because the jumpers had to look like something their typical employee would want to wear. And secondly, raster images had to be avoided to ensure that the print quality on the sweatshirts would be long-lasting and small texts still readable. 

The Artificial Intelligence wave started when I was working on this project, and the client shared a lovely picture due to experimenting with the Midjourney platform. He typed CSD company values as a prompt to it (the same ones I used for the heart illustration - curiosity, teamwork, responsibility, etc.), and, what a nice coincidence, he got an image with a heart motif!


I suggested using this picture in a CSD Christmas card. And when I turned the picture, I found a bunch of arrows and a forest of Christmas trees in it.

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