Craft beer can label for two breweries collaboration

Third Wave NEIPA

Third Wave NEIPA – is the fruit of Apynys and Rockmill breweries collaboration. "When tempests of virus rage, this beer will let you forget difficulties and will bring a huge wave of flavors and aromas!" says Apynys brewing webpage, so the COVID-19 theme was on the table for this task.


From delivered two ideas client has chosen the one with lobsters, because of the fact, what New England (NEIPA stands for New England IPA) is famous by the lobsters fishing industry. The second idea - people disinfecting huge monsters' legs from a covid virus, like fishes in fish spa aquarium - was offered by knowing in advance, that Apynys Brewing company is changing its brand name to Green Monster brewing.

Client / 

Apynys brewing

Role / 

Idea, illustration, design


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