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Client / 

Apynys brewing

Role / 

Idea, illustration, design

Awards / 

shortlisted for WIA2023


Year / 


Labels for the Green Monster and other breweries' joint products

They were born out of collaboration

Collaborations in the business of craft beer producers are like a creative workshop and a company party in one. And usually, they come up with some fun concept for the new beer, that reflects the breaking news, current events, or trends of those days. And those limited-edition beers are made just to celebrate their friendship, to have fun, not for any business purposes.

Therefore, we decided to add more room for fun in the collaboration labels by replacing the central character composition with an illustrated story that fills almost the entire label and also to give more freedom in choosing the number of colors. Especially since there must be two logos here.

3. Bad Seeds (West Coast IPA)


West Coast style IPA with hemp and grapefruit peel. "This beer is a bitter punch to the taste buds" - say the Nurme (Latvia) and the Green Monster brewers. 


And I've created a visual punch to establish norms and provoke those who believe that there are sacred topics that should not be touched when creating a beer label. However, how you read the idea depends on your preconceptions. I see here the story of how the devil tempted the priest because wicked seeds also fall on the saints, and whether the seeds germinate depends only on themselves...

2. Golden Times (American Pale Ale)


This beer is a collaboration between HOP-DOC gastropub and Green Monster Brewery. And its label tells us nostalgically: "Pale, bright, hoppy American pale ale will take you back to those good old days when the grass was greener, the Sun shone brighter, and you did not have to worry about alarming news." And of course, the most terrible topic that is meant here is the war in Ukraine, which touched our nation very closely.

So here is the way I solved this puzzle of combining nostalgic 60s and 70s American memories with current war themes and not forgetting to add some monster characters.

The second idea: people disinfecting huge monsters' legs from a covid virus, like fishes in a fish spa aquarium eating our old skin was also very well received and the client mentioned, that it was really difficult to choose.

I share both ideas and sketches below.

1. Third Wave (NEIPA)


Third Wave NEIPA – is the fruit of Green Monster and Rockmill breweries' collaboration. "When tempests of virus rage, this beer will let you forget difficulties and will bring a huge wave of flavours and aromas!" promises the brewers, so the COVID-19 theme was on the table for this task.


Of the two ideas delivered, the client has chosen the one with lobsters because of the fact that New England (NEIPA stands for New England IPA) is famous for the lobster fishing industry. When you think about it, it's true that some entities have been quite lucky that this pandemic has severely limited people's usual activities. So cheers for positive consequences!

Thanks for your attention :)


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