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Loyalty card MYLIMIAUSIA promotion DOMIN
Loyalty multi-card MYLIMIAUSIA promotion

Discount after discount

Mylimiausia (means the most beloved) card is a common loyalty card of 5 (currently 6) companies providing various services, which can also serve as a bank card. With this card, discounts and special offers are available at all partner institutions: banks, pharmacies, pizzerias, gas stations, and household goods stores. In the meantime, it was the first multi-card like this in Lithuania, and my colleagues from the Love Agency created an idea to show this one card advantage depicting it as a sequence of dominoes. I‘ve drawn an illustration and designed two layouts based on the brand book provided.

Client /


Role / 

Illustration and design

Art direction & idea /

G. Sasnauskas


Copy / 

S. Ramanauskiene

Agency / 



Year / 


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