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XIX International singers-songwriters festival

THIS IS ME festival 2021

I've had a lot of fun creating an illustration for my constant client of the bard music festival “This Is Me” this year, caus my colleague Ilona Mockutė renewed all the identity of the festival and this gave me great inspiration. This new identity system was really helpful when I had to combine a few photos of musicians very different in style and quality, for example, in one poster layout.


The international bard music festival "This Is Me" has been annually held by the Center of Culture and Education Vilnius Teachers House since 2003. 

Client / 

Vilinius Teachers’ House

Rebranding /

Ilona Mockutė

My Role / 

Illustration and layout design

Year / 


The main task of the illustration was to create it in such a way that
a long program of the festival would fit perfectly next to it in the poster. There are all three ideas sketched and presented to the client :

I look forward to next year’s anniversary festival. See you :)

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